Arranged Five-Year Fixed Financing for Foreign National

11.20.2014 20141119

The loan of the week for November 20, 2014 features a 21-unit multifamily in Oakland, California. The borrower on the $931,000 loan is a foreign national.

Secured Permanent Financing with One-Year Prepayment Penalty for San Jose Multifamily

11.12.2014 20141112

The loan of the week for November 12, 2014 features a 8-unit multifamily in San Jose, California. The $1 million loan is fixed for 5 years at 3.950% and only has a prepayment penalty in the first year.

Treasury Yields Stay Steady Amidst Fed’s Announcement to End QE

11.06.2014 20141106

The loan of the week for November 6, 2014 features a 7-unit multifamily in Hayward, California. The $810,000 loan is fixed for 3 years at 3.10% with a 3-year prepayment penalty.

10-Year Treasury Yield Drops 0.38% Since September

10.23.2014 20141022

The loan of the week for October 23, 2014 features a 24,552 square foot office building in Concord, California. The $2.9 million loan is fixed for 5 years at 4.10% with a 30-year amortization schedule at 66% loan-to-purchase-price.

New Bank Bridge Product, Limited Debt Coverage Requirements, 4.75% Interest-Only Rate

10.08.2014 20141008

The loan of the week features an eight-unit condominium complex in Los Angeles, California. The property is condo-mapped and the $2.84 million loan includes partial release clauses.

New Multifamily Loan Program – 80% LTV, Non-Recourse, and Competitive Fixed then Floating Rates


One of The Rincon Group's lenders debuted a new financing program for multifamily nationwide. The program features non-recourse and maximum 80% loan-to-value for loan amounts between $1 million and $5 million.